Rich AND Happy?

You may be rich, wealthy,  but are you happy? Wealth can be a good thing. It can give you independence, security, safety, better health and lots of friends and acquaintances but money does not automatically buy happiness.

Lots of rich people are indeed happy. And many rich people are not happy, for a variety of reasons, many of which are psychological. In the end, happiness is a personal individual thing. It’s a choice. A personal choice. Happiness is a CHOICE. Regardless of your circumstances in life you can choose to be happy. Want proof? Here’s an except from my book, “The Happiness Transformation”.

True happiness does not come from money or a big house or a luxury automobile or a face-lift or a big important job or being popular or handsome or pretty or having lots of clothes or expensive toys. True happiness comes from within. The goal of life is happiness. It’s what every parent wants for their children. Ultimately, parents just want their children to grow up and be happy. It’s what YOU really want.

In the end you don’t want or need to be a rich or powerful person, you want to be a happy person. Here’s how to be happy now, right now.” 

“I choose to be happy”

Say “I choose to be happy”.

Say it again. Concentrate.

Say it again.

Say it until you ARE happy.

Seriously. Take a deep breath. Concentrate. Keep saying "I choose to be happy" until you ARE happy.

There it is. The proof. Proof that happiness is a choice. YOUR happiness is YOUR choice.

Can you be happy all the time? 

No. Having a brief moment of happiness or an  overall positive happy outlook does not mean that you will be happy all the time. The idea that you can be happy ALL the time is unrealistic. And there are situations where happiness is not appropriate; in most cultures you probably don’t want to be smiling and laughing at a funeral. You could choose to do that but it also might be considered highly inappropriate.

Life has its ups and downs and sometimes you will feel sad or unhappy.  That is normal. Sadness or grief or unhappiness are common appropriate reactions to outside forces or bad things that happen to us and an appropriate time period is necessary to emotionally process and deal with these types of issues. A prolonged sustained period of unhappiness is another matter. If you are depressed or unhappy for a long time and it is interfering with your ability to function or enjoy life it is time to seek professional help. It’s time to call your doctor.  And to get my book.

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